💸 COST: $20 per hour 💸
📧 MY EMAIL: shmoji@protonmail.com 📧
How it works:
  1. Determine if you truly want to spend $20 per hour to hangout with a loser.
  2. If you are sure, then email me your name, age, and social media so I can do a background check.
  3. I will respond back with more details and schedule a call so I can get to know you.
  4. If everything is good after the call, I will send you a contract to sign to protect me legally in event of bad client. Then, I will send you a venmo link where you will pay for the upcoming hangout.
  5. We will then hangout. Hello fren. Simple as that.
What I prefer:
  • A friend that enjoys hanging out while doing separate activities. I love when I can get work done on my computer while hanging out with friends.
  • A friend that enjoys the company of others, but does not expect any conversation.
Strict rules and terms:
  • I will ONLY hangout with you. Nothing else. This means I do not even have to talk to you if that is my desire. (But I will because I'm a social person)
  • I am not licensed to do anything. I am not certified in anything. I just want to help people. Even then, there is no guarentee what I offer will help.
Why I want to do this:
  • I genuinly want to provide company to people that want company. I know what it is like to be lonely and feel like you just need someone to hangout with. I want to be there for people.
  • Like everyone, I need money to live and this seems like a nice way to make money.
  • I want to meet new people and this gives me a way to do that.
  • I love listening to people when they need to be heard.
  • I saw story about Japanese man that does this and it motivated me. Here is that video: